What a fun!

Judge me for what I am. Don´t feel ashamed of what you´re doing, 'cuz I get really bored. Come on, be faster, a little bit more energy, my grin at you is really hard. I start to lough, to shout out loud and you are watching silently, judging me at your innerst of yourself. I´m a badass, a guy with more faces you ever can imagine. I am what I am, no one will bring me down. A phoenix arised from ashes, ruins of myself, flying over and over and over again. I will never be chained to do something because I got an order, I do in free pieces what I like to. Thats why I chosed my Job, my appointment, my mission. Judge me now! Execute my philosophy of life, if you wish, but you cant judge one who would do anything for the way he live, even its the way with laws. Don´t be empathetic, judge me here, judge me now. It wont matter after all, the world will turn around before, while and after. What a fun!

17.10.13 19:08

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